"One never stands so tall as when kneeling to help a child"
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Annual Holiday Shopping Spree

Greetings! We are the Active 20-30 Club of Auburn #19. If you are not familiar with us, we are a strictly volunteer, benevolent society, dedicated to positively impacting the lives of disabled and disadvantaged children in our community. For almost 85 years we have worked closely and donated our money and services to Head Start, Boys and Girls Club, Acres of Hope, the Cub Scouts, Stand Up Placer, and other children’s organizations in need. All funds raised are put back into our local community.
One of our greatest projects is our annual Holiday shopping spree. In association with Auburn Kmart, Head Start and the Boys and Girls Club of Auburn we take a group of hand-picked children on a holiday shopping spree, giving them a chance to experience a brighter holiday. We do a little clothing/necessity shopping, then we head to the “good stuff” 
With your support, we will be holding our shopping spree on December 12th, 2015 at Auburn Kmart. On average we are able to provide each child with a $150 shopping spree and able to take 30 children shopping, in addition to purchasing gifts for children at two other local community shelters & some “secret Santa” Christmas Trees with all the décor.
We hope you and your team are able to be a part of bringing some holiday cheer into the lives of those less fortunate. Your support (financial, unwrapped gifts or participation in the actual physical shopping spree) is much appreciated! To arrange your generous donation, or to ask questions regarding the shopping spree or Active 20-30 International, please contact us via phone 530-830-2142 or send email to: auburn2030@yahoo.com.
Thank you for your attention and support of this event, the 20-30 Club, and the children of our community, without the support of people like you we wouldn't be able to help as many of Auburn's children.

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Holiday Shopping Spree

Please visit our Facebook page for pictures of previous shopping sprees

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